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We strive to provide competitive rates for businesses who are looking to get the most out of their marketing spend. Our moveable advertising spaces are almost 80% cheaper than other media which have similar audiences.



Otokar Kent81 m2Full Bus Wrap€3,350€ 1,300
King Long/
Otokar Kent
12 mtr
42 m2Combo€2,150€ 1,250
Otokar Vectio
9 mtr
44 m2Full Side€2,450€ 1,250
Otokar Vectio
9 mtr
25 m2Super Sides€1,300€900
Otokar Vectio
9 or 12 mtr
13 m2Side Bar€660€400
King long
12 mtr
9 m2Full Tail€500€350
Otokar Vectio
9 or 12 mtr
2 frames
per bus

In-Bus Frames

50 Buses
150 Buses
300 Buses

Otokar Kent (12 mtr.) rates also available.



Full Bus Wrap


Our Full Bus Wrap is for advertisers looking to make an impact in the market. This type of advertising is bold and effective, and includes a full wrap of all sides and the back of the bus. Total advertising space is 81 m².

It is an eye-catching and effective medium for a bold campaign. Transform your brand into a moveable vehicle when you go for this high-impact advertising. The brighter, the better!

Full bus wraps are priced at €1,300 per month, in addition to a one-time cost of €3,350 for printing and installation. All rates exclude V.A.T

Get creative with your advertising message with our bigger-than-life canvases which travel all around Malta. With your advert expanding throughout the whole of our large 12-meter buses, locals and tourists are sure to take notice.





combo warp

The Combo targets the same audience as the Full Bus Wrap in that it displays the advert on all 3 sides. We created this advert option to offer a more economical way of using all three sides of the bus.

The Combo offers impactful advertising at a more affordable rate, and with a total of 42 m² all round, you can be sure it conveys your message.

The Combo is priced at €1,250 monthly with an additional one-time cost of €2,150 for printing and installation.

Be sure to display your message to all commuters, to those walking on the pavements and in their vehicles, by taking advantage of the combo’s reduced rate



Full Side


bus fill side wrap

The Full Side advert focuses on being impactful to pedestrians and other commuters. It is striking and on an Otokar Vectio 9 mtr. Bus provides about 44m² of advertising area. This type of advert attracts attention wherever it is, making sure your advert is seen well.

Full Sides Wraps are priced at €1,250 per month, with a one-time cost of €2,450 for printing and installation.



Super Sides


Our Super Sides bus advertising is ideal for advertisers looking to retain brand awareness. It consists of printing on both sides of the bus including the metal panels and the glass without exceeding 50% of the entire side of the bus.

Transform the iconic Tallinja bus into your own personal advert. With the right message and design, this ad can be just the thing to take your business to the next level.

This cost-efficient advertising choice allows your brand to be seen by all kinds of pedestrians in both busy and quiet areas. By utilising both sides of the bus you will maximize reach and keep your brand at the forefront of people’s minds.

Super Sides are priced at €900, along with a one-time printing and installation price of €1,300. All rates exclude V.A.T



Full Tail


bus full tail wrap

Our Full Tail bus advert is highly beneficial for businesses seeking to receive conversions from their bus advertising such as phone calls, website traffic, or emails which can be easily jotted down during traffic jams or slow-moving traffic.

Another cost-effective way to get your brand out there, Full Tail bus ads are most effective when targeting drivers and passengers. Motorists behind the bus have time to take in your brand’s message completely as they drive behind it, especially when stuck behind traffic.

With added time for consumers to communicate with your advert, full tail bus ads use an area of 12 m² and efficiently encourage traffic to your website and social media pages. Make a statement on the back of our Tallinja buses and start reaping the rewards!

Full Tail ads are priced at €350 per month, in addition to a one-time cost of €500 for printing and installation. All rates exclude V.A.T




If you’re looking for a long-term print campaign at an affordable price, our Side Bar advertising is the right choice for you. You can print on the sides of the bus between the wheel arches, on metal panels, and/or glass without exceeding 25% of the side of the bus.

Side bar advertising offers less space on the bus itself than other options. Yet, with a clear and concise message and a colorful attention-grabbing design, this kind of ad can be the most effective of all!

Innovation is key. Eye-catching Side Bar creatives grab the attention of people who are out and about, from pedestrians to commuters to other bus travellers, on either side of the road.

Priced at just €400 a month with an initial payment of €610 for printing and installation, our side bar advertising is by far the most cost-efficient choice. All rates exclude V.A.T



In-Bus Frames/Stickers


To specifically target bus passengers, we offer in-bus frames/stickers which are sold in pairs and attached just above the passenger seating area.

Grab our passengers’ full attention with the right message and encourage immediate mobile conversions by including your website and contact information. With loads of people boarding the Tallinja buses each and every day, your potential audience is endless.

By creating a striking original design, your ad can capture the interest of hundreds of passengers looking for a distraction from their daily commute. Give your audience something bold and creative to look at to keep your brand in their minds all day long!

The price of in-bus frames/stickers are based on the number of buses you want your ad to show in: for 50 buses €800 monthly in addition to a €340 one-time printing and installation payment, for 150 buses €1,900 monthly in addition to a €770 one-time printing and installation payment, and for 300 buses €2,800 monthly in addition to a €1,1500 one-time printing and installation payment. All rates exclude V.A.T


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